Joining FeeAnnual Membership Fee
Active membership A (40 Years and older)
CHF 22'000

CHF 2'100

Spouse/Civil partner
CHF 21'000

CHF 2'100

Active membership B (26 to 39 Years)
CHF 500*

CHF 2'100

Senior (Pensioner; 64 female/65 male)
CHF 14'000

CHF 2'600

Temporary one year membership (without voting rights)

CHF 3'500

Taster (max. 1 Year, without voting rights)
Only for people who have not been a member of any other club before
(exkl. members of ASGI und Golf Card Migros)

CHF 2'600

Midweek (from Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays)
Supplement payable for increase to Active membership A if required
CHF 14'000

CHF 2'100

Temporary I
This category is available for up to 3 years maximum, PPG inclusive, without voting rights

CHF 4'500

Temporary II (without Swiss Golf Karte)
This category is available for a maximum of 2 years, PPG exclusive, without voting rights

CHF 1’400

Juniors (up to the age 25, based on year of birth)
PPG inclusive, Swiss Golf-Card Junior, without voting rights

CHF 500

External (without Swiss Golf-Karte, without voting rights)
Active member of another golf club, living closer to home club than to Interlaken Club

CHF 2’600

Passive (without Swiss Golf-Karte, without voting rights)
– Supporter (not active)
– Rejoining fee to become fully Active Member (payable into club infrastructure/maintenance fund)

CHF 150
CHF 350

* The fee payable upon entry into Membership category B is a deposit towards the full entry fee (Active Membership A). The valid age category fee will be billed by the Club once the corresponding age (year of birth) is reached.
The fees applicable when joining as an active member are taken into account regarding the transition to the next higher age category.
When joining membership category B, the fee for the year of entry as a junior is taken into account.

If you require further detailed information we would be delighted to arrange a meeting to discuss this together.

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